Programs & Results
As The Way to Happiness transcends all cultures and religions, Buddhist monks participate in programs based on the precepts of the book.


With a distribution of some 87 million copies, The Way to Happiness even finds its way deep into the heart of rebel-held territory in the Congo.

Results from the Reading and Use of The Way to Happiness

“I have lived through difficult times when I became one of the victims of violence, when my house was petrol bombed. I lost my faith; I started to feel very depressed. It was after reading The Way to Happiness that my spirit was revived. I now feel that I am happy, and living again. I can recommend this book, to all who have had tribulations and hate—it shall change your life.” —L.E., South Africa

“I’m glad I can read this book and learn and use these rules of better living and happiness. The Way to Happiness does not teach a person what to do or not. It gives me the idea of contemporary life in difficult modern circumstances. This book will be very helpful for Russian people; it will help them to believe in themselves, to find a support. It’s very important for people to survive in today’s awful conditions. They have to believe in themselves. I am sure The Way to Happiness will help.” —D.G., Moscow, Russia

“This little book is a moral and ethical miracle that we will drop in the middle of our society so that its message can be transmitted to all social layers and every corner of our homeland. It is not a religious or political message but it is a universal message. In all parts of our country we find passions, selfishness and ambitions tending to take us away from the way to happiness. If Colombia applied the teachings of this book, it will become another peaceful, honest and respectful country. And we wouldn’t be fighting this bloody war.” —H.O., Former Minister of Interior, Republic of Colombia

“Your book, which I received two hours ago, was so full of important life information, that I stopped all work and started reading immediately. Thank you very much! We will help to make a better world.” —K.G., Micro Hall Art Center, Germany

In Saint Lucia, adults set a good example by helping youth using The Way to Happiness.

“I am writing you to confirm that I have received the wonderful book The Way to Happiness. Please accept my most sincere gratitude for that. While reading it I found it as one of the most moving and touching ways to speak about life and the horrible senselessness of war. My suggestion would be to print as many copies of the book as possible in all languages and distribute it to the widest groups of people all over the world.” —E. K., Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the United Nations

“My personal purpose in writing to your Foundation is twofold; firstly as a colleague working in the field serving humanity and secondly to share with you our appreciation in supporting the activities of our program for street children. We appreciate your initiative in sharing with us The Way to Happiness books during your visit to our program. Likewise, the same materials [have been] endorsed as [the] resource in our learning center. Precepts of the book were made as our resource in making our learning curriculum on values. We find the common sense values are just what these children need to learn. If we could share this material with all agencies working for children in difficult circumstances (children at war, child labor, etc.) then I believe that we are reaching out perfectly.” —E.M., Registered Nurse

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful book, The Way to Happiness. All my friends and I read it over and over again with great pleasure. It is a beautiful edition and it presents valuable information about how to make our life happier. The messages in the publication are even more important to us, citizens of the former USSR, due to the very difficult period of our life that we are experiencing now. Your book gives us hope for a better future and that is its main advantage.” —V.A., St. Petersburg, Russia

“I am thankful to you for the opportunity to get acquainted with the book The Way to Happiness. I think it could be useful to Lithuanian people in reforming our culture and giving the idea of human relations based on common sense while in the process of getting out of the communist night.” —Minister of Social Security, Lithuanian Republic

People from all walks of life—including Colombian police officers—are taking responsibility for improving their communities with The Way to Happiness.

“I would like to take this opportunity and once again express my gratitude for your book The Way to Happiness. I am not going to repeat myself and quote my previous letter in which I have expressed the very positive opinion about this book, though I believe that it is impossible to overvalue it.” —Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vilnius, Lithuania

“The subject matter of the book and also the look of it, has interested us very much. There is nothing to compare to this in Lithuania. Thus, we dare say that The Way to Happiness is worthwhile publishing as a book that promotes values in both youth and adults, to which everybody can estimate his/her actions and discover the meaning of life.” —D.T., Ministry of Culture and Education, Republic of Lithuania

“We greatly appreciate your efforts in improving Mankind, providing a better future for the people in Ukraine and in the world. For bringing up our younger generation in the spirit of high morality and good will and for revealing the foundations of human values to our people, we are indebted. It would be wonderful to have at least one copy of this magnificent book at every school and library.” —Ministry of Education, Kyiv, Ukraine