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Restoring Self-Respect to Adults and Juveniles

Reducing crime and recidivism is a major concern across the criminal justice field. At the root of crime and social decay is a loss of basic morals and values necessary to maintain a decent culture.

Now, however, there is an effective tool to impact negative behavior and restore respect: The Way to Happiness, a moral code based wholly on common sense for all races, creeds and cultures. More than 100 million copies have been distributed in better than 100 languages in over 170 nations.

The Way to Happiness aids correctional officers world over in assisting others to get a second chance. In penal institutions, juvenile facilities and community crime prevention programs, this remarkable tool has proven invaluable.

Thousands of offenders who have come into contact with The Way to Happiness book have something remarkable to say: “I got back my self-respect.” Nonreligious and suitable for all ethnics and creeds, it gives the offender the tools he needs to restructure his thinking and straighten out his life with trust, respect and honesty.

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