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Restoring Trust and Honesty to the Workplace

We live in a world of immorality and rising criminality. We feel the repercussions of this on a daily basis. Employee theft causes one-third of all bankruptcies and costs employers $1 billion a year. Insurance fraud exceeds $80 billion annually from faked accidents, injuries and illnesses.

Behaviors that were once thought unacceptable such as lying, cheating and covering up mistakes have become quite commonplace in today’s workplace. Couple this with increased substance abuse problems, interpersonal conflicts, low morale, absenteeism and staff turnover and there is no doubt that this crisis needs an effective solution.

At the root of it all is a loss of basic morals and values necessary to create unsurpassed integrity in the workplace.

Helping to restore trust and honesty is The Way to Happiness, a common sense guide to better living. This nonreligious publication with its twenty-one core principles guides an individual towards ethical choices, especially when faced with tough decisions.

Used by corporate executives, community leaders and educators for more than twenty-five years, The Way to Happiness has proven an unqualified success at changing employee attitudes, conduct and the ability to solve problems.

Whether you are a CEO, human resource director, employee assistance professional or a concerned businessperson, this program can help you influence others on their path to honest and ethical choices and thereby increase the productivity and viability of your company or organization.

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The Way to Happiness Foundation also offers you a comprehensive package you can use to restore common-sense values in your workplace.

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