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No one questions that moral standards have declined over the decades. Skyrocketing drug and alcohol abuse, now all too prevalent among young people, has brought increased crime to schools, cities and countries. Statistics show that proliferation of drugs and escalating violence go hand in hand.

Honesty, decency and a sense of self-respect are perverted daily from a multitude of sources. Our youth are exposed to peer pressure, and associations with ill-intentioned people who seek to make their living by destructive means and degradation, without discrimination or scruple.

And as we are all too aware, violence is not just limited to dark alleys and back streets. Bloodshed in school classrooms, school lunch halls and even playgrounds is far too common.

We are committed to making a change using The Way to Happiness—a common sense guide to better living which has been distributed to more than 100 million people in over 100 languages.

First introduced into schools three decades ago, The Way to Happiness is aimed at helping those who are our future: our youth. For it is true that, as an educator, you hold in your hands the power to make that positive change.

Nonreligious and unbiased, The Way to Happiness has earned accolades from schoolchildren, teachers, educators, principals, professors, governors, mayors, doctors, nurses, lawyers, parsons and priests who have used the precepts of this book, and so helped others to lead decent, honest and happier lives.

The Way to Happiness
Educator’s Resource Kit
Today, years of experience in using The Way to Happiness and its programs in schools and among students has been employed in the creation of an educator’s most effective tool for pointing the way to a less dangerous and happy life: The Way to Happiness Educator’s Resource Kit.

We are offering this kit for FREE – one per teacher or community youth group leader – as a vital tool to help you halt the moral decay plaguing our communities. Providing practical tools, it may be used as a full course or as a supplemental resource in another curriculum.

The package’s components are produced to the highest quality and durability. It is through donations from those who support our program that enables The Way to Happiness Foundation to provide these valuable teaching tools free of charge to teachers, professors and qualified community educators. It is thus expected that participating educators agree to provide results of their use of this program and its materials. Documentation would include photographs and video footage of program application and outcomes, and educator testimonials that promote best practices and results to others. In this way, each educator’s successes can be shared and expanded upon.

You can make a difference using The Way to Happiness in your school and your community. We stand ready to assist you. Start today.


Order The Way to Happiness Educator’s Resource Kit – free to teachers and community educators only.

If you are not an educator, request our free DVD and information kit, sign up for our online training program or read The Way to Happiness in its entirety online.